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Urban Gardening – Getting Started

More of us are moving into the city and are having to make do with our space and surroundings. This can sometimes mean those thoughts of having flourishing gardens may be reserved for our vision boards of things to acquire in the more distant future. This doesn’t always have to be the case. Thanks to […]

Beginner Weed Guide for Your Garden

Is it a plant, is it grass or is it a weed? Although I’ve done gardening at home since a teenager, this is still a puzzling question that stumps me every other occasional weekend afternoon. If I had a guide for all these back then, I would’ve had a pavement that didn’t need harsh chemical […]

Sustainable Living – Using Rain

With all the rain that Gauteng has been receiving lately, one does beg to ask exactly what we can do to take full advantage of these blessed pourings. We are always fans of sustainable ways to go about our garden practices and using the rain in a way to extend its reach in an urban […]

Dealing with Indoor Insects and Fungi 

Growing plants indoors is an excellent way to control the external conditions that your plants live in. You can control the humidity, temperature, ventilation, and other important aspects which assist in the growing process of your plants.  One of the biggest issues with not having the wind blowing and the sun shining naturally is that […]

Getting Into Succulents – The Basics

Ah yes, succulents. Those ever so easy to care for uniquely sized, shaped, and textured plants that are the perfect complement to any garden, whether on the yard or your window sill. Not to mention, they’re so easy to grow and can handle a bit of neglect. For those getting into gardening and who want […]

Better Ways To Water Your Plants

With water shortages spreading across the world, we are more compelled and urged to find better ways to utilize a resource that was once thought of as abundant. Our plants still require constant nourishment regardless of the environmental issues going on, so we need to get smarter. Here are a few ways to get that […]

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