Pruning Basics: Secateurs

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Prepare your cutting tools

Whether you’re just getting started with your gardening or horticultural journey, we will always be in desperate for the perfect pair of secateurs. And when we find out that settling with one pair will leave us feeling like a sock missing a mate – we begin to collect a few. Every “snipper” for every job.

Pruning shears, otherwise known as secateurs, come in various sizes, blade materials, blade angles and types of handles. \

There are two types of cutting mechanisms that secateurs are available in. Each with their advantages depending on the specific task at hand. 

           Bypass Secateurs

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These are pruning shears which are very similar to the common household pair of scissors. They consist of two-blade the glide right passed each other for the snip.

Bypass secateurs are most suited for the pruning of your shrubs and delicate plants (both saplings and living plants). 

           Anvil Secateurs

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Differing from the bypass secateurs which prune by the meaning of “snipping” away from the material, anvil secateurs prune by “crushing” the material. This is done as the cutting blade comes into compressing contact with the metal. 

This cutting action is far rougher and has the potential to bruise your plant, making these secateurs suitable for getting rid of thick branches and deadwood. 

Generally speaking, for a good pair of secateurs, you want to ensure that the snips are made out of good quality, sharp steel. A sharp blade makes for an easier and quicker cut that won’t eventually result in you hurting your wrists. 

Here are some great secateurs options currently on the market: 

Aquacraft has a great range of bypass secateurs available for the novice gardener.

           Aquacraft Universal Secateurs

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These are a great pair of all-round general purpose secateurs which are suitable for your house plants, flowers, herb, and even bonsai trees. 

A maximum opening of 6mm and an ergonomically designed handle with an easy-to-reach lock mechanism makes these perfect for single-handed operation – on small and large hands.

           Aquacraft Economy Bypass Secateurs


Equipped with an adjustable gear to both tighten and replace the blade when necessary. These are great for the pruning of bigger pieces. With a maximum opening of 16mm and fully-treated, ground and hardened high-grade steel blades – clean cuts have never been easier. The heavy-duty aluminium handles also make this snipping experience are far less painful one.


           Aquacraft GearPlus Bypass Secateurs

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Built for maximum comfort and easy snipping, these secateurs are fitted with an ergonomic grip handle that has a much softer feel than most secateurs available. Making these secateurs extra comfortable to use for pieces as thick as 18mm. 

The special geared transmission on these secateurs increases the cutting power by as much as 40%. 

View the full range of our Secateurs on Tools4Garden.


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