Pruning Basics: Pruning Shears

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Used mainly for the cutting, cleaning, removing, and trimming of unwanted grass, branches, and weeds – gardening shears are an essential part of your toolbox. Just like the secateurs and pruning saws which we have discussed in our previous articles in the Pruning Basics series, gardening shears also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Today, we will discuss which shear to use and when.

Lopping Shears

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Commonly referred to as “loppers”, these shears are usually operated with both hands and are suitable for cutting branches and stems that are up to 45mm in diameter. 

The large handles on these shears give the user more leverage and reach. That makes the loppers ideal for cutting large and thick branches that are also sometimes hard to reach.

When secateurs can’t get the job done, grab yourself a pair of lopping shears.


Hedge Shears

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Unlike most pruning shears that have a host of purposes and applications, hedge shears only serve a purpose to trim hedges. With long blades which closely appear like the pair of scissors. Hedge shears can be used to cut straight and long cuts able to go through multiple branches at once. 

Should you perhaps have a hedge that has a more uniform structure, one can use hedge shears to shape its new growth. Equipped with tubular handles, locking pivot bolts, and an ergonomic design which can sometimes feature rubber shock absorbers to increase comfort when used over longer periods.




Pole Pruners

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Pole pruners are heavy-duty control rope operated shears that are used to cut and trim your trees. These pole pruning shearing are equipped with longer handles to make the cutting of higher trees and shrubs easier as one can work without a ladder.

For thinning woods and work with fruit trees, pole pruners are an invaluable pair of shears to have. They do, however, have a complicated design which usually takes a while to learn to use – making these more ideal for the experienced gardeners who have exhausted the capabilities of the other shears in his/her toolbox. 

Pole pruners are also available with integrated motors to turn this laborious task into a breeze.

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