Lawn Care: 15 Essential Tools You Should Have In Your Shed

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A beautiful garden that boasts of amazing landscaping and a variety of seasonal plants is a dream come true for every homeowner. However, creating and maintaining a stunning lawn requires commitment and effort. Even novice gardeners can turn a simple area into a beautiful landscape, provided they have the right tools. However, if you’re pressed for time or if you just don’t have a green thumb, it’s definitely easier to get professionals like Yard Smart to help you with lawn care. Moreover, if you’re not sure where to find the right lawn trimmers for you, then check out FindStringTrimmers, they will help you find the perfect trimmers for your lawn. Whether it’s walk-behind, gas-powered, or even electric-powered trimmers, they’ve got it all for you.

Besides professional help, for regular lawn care, it’s a good idea to keep a few essential garden tools in your shed.

Essential Garden Tools For Lawn Care

  1. Lawnmower: A lawnmower is the one essential tool you should have in your shed. Since your garden grass needs regular trimming, choose a lawnmower that works best for your garden. There are a variety of lawnmowers to choose from. A gas lawn mower will work well for a large garden, while an electric one is ideal if you just have a small or medium garden. There are manual push mowers too that rely on your muscle power and work best for small gardens.
  2. Weeder: Tackling weeds in the garden can be tiring and frustrating, and spraying harmful chemicals isn’t the best option. This is where a simple weeder comes in handy. This hand tool has a forked end which removes individual weeds from the roots. When looking for a weeder, find a sturdy one that’s comfortable to use.
  3. String Trimmer: A string trimmer can reach spots that a lawnmower can’t, such as around the tree roots or on the edges of your lawn. It’s also used to cut longer grass that a mower will struggle with.
  4. Edging Shears: Edging your grass is a great way to make your garden look well-groomed. Edging shears can be used like scissors on the grass’s edges and can cut excess grass, soil and roots.
  5. Stiff-Bristled Broom: A stiff-bristled broom is convenient when you want to aerate your lawn. You can use the broom to brush top dressing into fresh aeration holes in order to maximize its effect. It can also be used for cleaning up the area.
  6. Digging Fork: A digging fork is great for breaking up the soil because it can penetrate deep into the soil. A good digging fork is ideal for loosening and lifting materials like mulch, soil, and compost. Choose a steel-constructed digging fork since it is typically more durable than a wooden one.
  7. Garden Rake: If you’re planning to plant seeds in your garden, a garden rake is essential. Made of widely spaced teeth, the rake’s rigid and sturdy teeth make it easier to break down the soil so that the seeds get a good soil texture for germination. It can also be used for leveling the soil.
  8. Soil Knife: A soil knife is a versatile garden tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. Having sharp edges on both ends, soil knives are ideal for cutting and digging. Furthermore, it can be used for weeding, transplanting, and getting into the nooks and corners where other tools can’t reach.
  9. Leaf Rake: Leaf rakes come with large fan-like blades that are perfect for raking up all the leaves and debris from the garden. The soft, flexible bristles of a leaf rake help you remove all the leaves from the surface without touching the soil.
  10. Garden Scissors: A simple yet essential tool for any gardener, a garden scissor is a versatile tool that can be used to do a number of tasks. For example, it can be used for small pruning jobs and neatly cutting plant saplings.
  11. Pruning Shears: If your yard has trees or plants that tend to overgrow quickly, you’ll need a pair of good-quality pruning shears that are sharp enough to be used on small trees. It’s a good practice to sharpen your pruning shears every season to have an easier time pruning those trees.
  12. Water Hose: No garden maintenance is complete without ensuring that the plants and grass get enough water. This is why a water hose is one of the top tools to have in your shed. Choose a lightweight and durable garden hose with a sprinkler system. A rotary sprinkler system is also a great choice because it can irrigate the entire area evenly.
  13. Garden Hoe: A garden hoe is an essential tool for planting seeds. The blade of the hoe allows you to dig easily in the soil to create a shallow surface for planting seeds or saplings. Having a garden hoe is essential if you have a vegetable garden because it can easily dig out root vegetables.
  14. Wheelbarrow: Maintaining your lawn means that you’ll most likely end up with a pile-up of waste materials that need to be disposed of. A good quality wheelbarrow can save you a lot of time and effort by carrying the heap of waste from your garden to your compost pile. It’s definitely a must-have for your shed.
  15. Gardening Gloves: Although gardening is a productive hobby to have, and the feel of the earth may be relaxing, a few hours of work in your garden can lead to blisters and small cuts. To avoid these, it’s wise to invest in a thick pair of garden gloves. Choose a pair that is breathable and can be machine washed.


Having the right garden tools in your shed won’t only make lawn care easier but also ensure your safety while you’re out in the sun. From planting saplings to weeding out weeds and mulch, or pruning unkempt trees, you can do it all with the right tools in your arsenal.

These essential garden tools, if used correctly, can help you create your perfect garden. Make sure to make good use of your investment and create a picture-perfect garden that is well-groomed all year all year round. It’s time you bring home these tools and start digging!


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