New Ways Of Growing with Marley Hydroponic Systems

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With the world moving towards more sustainable means of living and providing sustenance independently, hydroponic grow systems have become the ever so popular technological wonder to solve all our growing problems.

What is hydroponic farming?

Hydroponic farming is the method of growing plants without the use of soil and rather the use of water to draw nutrients into the plants. In these systems, the water goes to work and provides not only the nutrients but hydration and oxygen to the plants all at the same time. Hydroponic systems are known for being big energy savers and when executed correctly, can produce a high-quality harvest in a shorter period.

When plants are grown in the soil, the roots are always searching for the right nutrients to sustain their growth. This is different when plants are grown in water. When plants are grown in water, they are directly exposed to the hydration and nutrition they require and do not have to exert any energy in sustaining themselves. All that energy that the roots would have used to acquire food and water is then redirected into the plant’s actual growth. This results in the positive yields we mentioned earlier.

Plants do not need soil to photosynthesize. They need the soil to supply them with water and nutrients. When nutrients are dissolved in water they can be applied directly to the plant’s root system by flooding, misting, or immersion. Hydroponic systems have proven over time that this direct contact with nutient-enriched water is an alternative to traditional growing that can yeild great results

Introducing Marley Hydroponic Systems

South Africa depends on the agriculture sector as the largest producer of food and driver of economic growth; however, it is also the largest user of our scarce water resources.The use of NFT Hydroponic Growing Systems is fast-growing in agriculture as the best
way to overcome critical food and water shortages by offering a quicker, healthier, more sustainable method of food production.

Marley manufactures a range of UV stabilised, food graded PVC pipes ideally suited to hydroponic growing applications, backed by a range of complementary fittings to complete the system.

Features and Benefits:

  • Long lengths available: Pipe lengths range from 1.5m up to 12m lengths*
  • Full solution: Supplied with stop end moulded fittings to complete the system
  • Food graded PVC: Qualified by SABS suitable for food use
  • Tried and tested: Used by some of the largest lettuce suppliers in South Africa


These and other grow systems are available at Tools4Garden.


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