Essential Advice for Caring for Your Petrol and Electric Lawn Mower

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Maintaining a clean, healthy lawn requires a properly maintained lawn mower. Regular maintenance is essential to ensure optimal performance and longevity, whether you own a petrol or electric lawn mower. We’ll provide you with key advice in this post on how to properly maintain your petrol and electric lawnmowers.

Petrol Lawn Mower Maintenance:

  1. Fuel Check: Make sure there is enough fuel in the tank before each use. Use new, clean petrol, and stay away from keeping fuel in storage for long periods of time as it might degrade over time. Consider draining the petrol if the mower won’t be used for a while to avoid problems with the fuel system.
  2. Clean the air filter to keep dirt and other particles from entering the engine. As advised by the manufacturer, regularly check, clean, or replace the air filter. The performance and fuel economy of an engine might be impacted by a blocked air filter.
  3. Check your mower’s manual for information on how often to change the oil. The engine is kept lubricated and protected against wear with routine oil changes. Refill with the recommended oil type and grade after properly disposing of the previous oil.
  4. Sharpen your blades so they will cut grass more cleanly rather than tearing it. Check the blades’ sharpness frequently, and replace or sharpen them as necessary. You may either sharpen them yourself using a grinding wheel or have a professional sharpen them for you.

Electric Lawn Mower Maintenance:

  1. Check the Cutting Deck: After each use, clean off any trash or grass clippings from the cutting deck. To ensure appropriate airflow and stop rust or corrosion, clear buildup using a brush or a hose.
  2. Clean the Blades: Electric mowers need sharp blades for effective cutting, just like petrol -powered mowers do. Examine and clean the blades frequently, getting rid of any accumulated debris or grass clippings.
  3. When not in use, store your electric lawn mower in a dry, protected area. Keep it away from high or low temperatures or moisture that could harm the electrical parts.

You can ensure effective and problem-free operation by keeping your petrol or electric lawn mower in top condition by following these maintenance guidelines. You can maintain a nicely trimmed lawn year after year with a well-maintained mower.


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