A mattock is a versatile hand tool used in gardening, agriculture, and construction. It consists of a long handle with a head that has two distinct ends. The head of a mattock typically features a pick or pickaxe-like end on one side and an adze or chisel-like end on the other side.

The pick end of a mattock is similar to that of a pickaxe. It has a pointed tip with a sharp edge and is used for breaking up hard soil, rocks, or compacted ground. The pick end is effective for digging trenches, loosening soil, or removing roots.

The adze end of a mattock resembles a wide, flat blade with a curved cutting edge. It is used for chopping, cutting, or shaping wood. The adze end can be helpful for tasks such as removing tree stumps, cutting through roots, or shaping logs.

The combination of the pick and adze ends in a mattock makes it a versatile tool suitable for various tasks, including gardening, landscaping, farming, and construction work. It provides the user with the ability to tackle both digging and chopping tasks efficiently.

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